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Josh Sigurdson reports on the dueling calls for a new globalist controlled internet with mass surveillance. BRICS+ is calling for the creation of a new internet under their control as mysterious cyber attacks hit banks and major corporations. At the same time, Nikki Haley, globalist neocon and World Economic Forum stooge says that the government should take over all social media and verify everyone by their identifications to use social media, much like China. Interestingly, the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab says that China is the role model for the Great Reset. For the Great Reset to work, they must rewire the entire internet to be a better surveilled entity. Especially as we see the entire banking system move towards BRICS. This is going to shatter individual freedom in every way humanly possible. We are seeing the end of the western empire and the complete move towards the World Economic Forum's agenda for 15 Minute Cities tied to CBDCs and carbon credits. In fact, Kenya's government is already restricting people with carbon credits on their bank accounts. Welcome to the New World Order.