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EPSTEIN LIST PSYOP EXPOSED! - Latest Release Is NOT A Client List! - What Do The Documents Say?

• WAM - Josh Sigurdson - Rumble

Josh Sigurdson reports on the limited hangout operation that is the "Epstein List" which of course many have ignorantly waited with baited breath for this week as documents are slowly dripped out.

The problem is, this is NOT a client list. It's a psyop. While surely there's a list and there are videos due to Jeffrey Epstein being a blackmail artist for Mossad, the fact that people actually think the government is going to release such information when they worked decades to compile it as blackmail is absurd.

The latest documents certainly have some interesting information in it all the same, but it's the information that was ALLOWED to be released as it was featuring people who were expendable.

From Rabbi Shmuley being involved in the introduction of Michael Jackson to Epstein to Bill Clinton according to Epstein "liking them young, referring to girls." There is some worth while information, though most of it we either already knew or expected.
The documents also point once again to Epstein working for Mossad, compiling blackmail information.

The FBI currently holds countless videos of powerful people molesting innocent girls, yet they sit on it, make no arrests and prove furthermore that they too bow to Mossad and are helping in cover up this atrocity which continues with other agents to this day.