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'We Are On The Way to a New Order,' WEF President Declares at Davos

•, by Jamie White

WEF President Børge Brende made the remarks at the Davos 2024 conference in Switzerland in a discussion with Joe Biden's White House Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about how the world is experiencing a transitional phase of global governance.

The post-World War II international order "seems to be not that order anymore. We are on the way to a new order, so we are between orders," Brende told Sullivan. "Do you agree with that? What are we able to keep on the positive side from the old order to bring into a New World Order?"

Sullivan disagreed with Brende's characterization that the neoliberal world order established in the aftermath of World War II will be replaced, but that the international order must be "adapted" to the "new era" the world is heading toward.

"I think of this a little bit more of a transition of eras more than a transitions of orders, but the two are kind of cousins of one another," Sullivan said.

"I don't think the international order built after 1945 is getting replaced wholesale with some new order. It will obviously evolve as it has evolved multiple times over the decades since 1945."

"But I do think in a more sharp and distinctive way we are moving into a new era," he continued. "The post-Cold War era has come to a close. We're at the start of something new. We have the capacity to shape what that looks like."

"And at the heart of it will be many of the core principles and core institutions of the existing order adapted for the challenges that we face today," Sullivan added.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab echoed Brende's concerns Tuesday, saying governments and "decision-makers" must "break the cycle" of nationalism and individualism to achieve its Great Reset objectives.

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