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'The Effort' By Janaury 6 Political Hostage Ryan Samsel

•, By Alicia Powe

I was scheduled for surgery for a male breast double mastectomy on March 11, 2021.  Instead, I was arrested on January 30, 2021, for protesting on January 6, 2021.

I told medical staff when I arrived at the jail that I had this condition and that I needed to be placed back on blood thinners. I was denied this.

Not even a month into my incarceration, I was brutally attacked by government officials, after of course, being zip-tied —  just as cowards they are.

I was left unconscious in my cell only to wake up in the back of an ambulance a few days later.

I was rushed to the trauma unit and then treated in the intensive care unit. Doctors determined assaults left me with broken face bones, skull bones, a broken nose, a dislocated jaw, and traumatic brain injury. They found blood clots in my chest and arms and loss of vision in my eye. I was prescribed many follow-ups. To this day I've had none!

So-called lawyers promised to help and file lawsuits. The first anti-Trump attorney promised me the world and even gave interviews on my behalf. But when I did not have the money to pay for his services, he did not show up to my court dates.

I was alone in this struggle.

The next left-wing lawyer would bounce me back and forth on phone calls for months with nothing. In the meantime, I was transferred to a Virginia jail. The medics there wrote to the judge warning I required immediate extensive medical treatment that they could not provide at their facility and they asked for me to be moved to a medical jail.

So, I was transferred to Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange, VA, and held in booking, in constant lockdown. They wanted to do this me to — they would black out my windows and put me in the back of booking until Virginia State Police received complaints from staff. The VA State Police reviewed the complaints, came to the jail, and said I was living in inhumane conditions and I was transferred.

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