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It's over - Joe knows it and America knows it. Now MAUREEN CALLAHAN delivers a blistering...


It's no longer up for debate: Joe Biden has got to go.

In a hastily called press conference Thursday night, President Biden was, for the first time, questioned relentlessly by the White House press pool about his age, cognition, and fitness to serve.


The ostensible headline was meant to be that the Department of Justice report had cleared Biden of mishandling classified documents.

But the real headline was contained in special counsel Robert Hur's reasoning.

He wrote that a jury would be unlikely to convict because Biden, 81, is 'a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory' suffering 'diminished faculties in advancing age'.

Biden told investigators that he could not recall when his term as vice president ended. 'If it was 2013 — when did I stop being vice president?' he asked.

He could not recall, on the second day of his interview with prosecutors, when his term as VP began: 'In 2009, am I still Vice President?'

And he could not recall when his son Beau died. Not even within a range of years.

Were this a Republican president, articles of impeachment would have long ago been drafted. The 25th amendment would have been invoked. The op-eds calling for his resignation would be relentless.

Where are the patriots in the Democratic party? Where are the Obamas and the Clintons to save us from Joe Biden?

You can't be too impaired to prosecute yet sharp enough to be the President of the United States.

At long last, it seems the Dems are waking up. Party insiders told that 'it is now panic time' and 'we're going to see more and more Democrats saying the quiet part out loud'.

'It's a nightmare', one Democrat House member told NBC News.

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