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Republicans Should Ally With The American People – Not Washington Democrats: Gingrich

•, by Newt Gingrich

Every time Republicans reach out to Democrats to write a bipartisan bill, they inevitably sell out conservative values and accept liberal poison pills to get Democrats' votes.

When Republicans give up their principles in the name of bipartisanship, it is a disaster for conservatism, enrages the base, and splits the Republican Party.

This was the model of so-called bipartisan outreach which led President George H.W. Bush to break his "read my lips, no new taxes" pledge.

It was the same model of bipartisanship which led President George W. Bush to begin his first term working with Sen. Edward Kennedy on No Child Left Behind, a supposedly bipartisan education bill. It only benefited the Teachers' Union and leftwing bureaucrats – and was a disaster for American students.

The same brand of bipartisanship ‌is leading Sen. Mitt Romney to propose a fiscal commission on the national debt (which Democrats openly state must include tax increases which the American people deeply oppose).

Marc Thiessen captured the insanity to which this passion for bipartisanship leads in the Washington Post:

"This much is certain about the border agreement being negotiated by Senate Republicans and the Biden administration: There is no excuse for a weak deal. The border crisis could cost Democrats this year's election and put Donald Trump in the White House — and Democrats know it. That means Republicans have all the leverage in these negotiations. So, any deal that Republicans reach needs to force Biden to take steps that will cause some in his party to balk — if Biden won't do these things, it will be clear that he doesn't want to stop illegal immigration. He only wants to stop Trump from entering the Oval Office again."

Speaking specifically to the bipartisan border deal being discussed in the U.S. Senate, Andrew McCarthy put things even more bluntly in the National Review. Citing Fox News' Bill Melugin's analysis of the bill, McCarthy said the parts of the bill Republican senators are touting are "disingenuous and, ultimately, counterproductive."