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Securing Elections: Lara Trump's Leadership at RNC Faces Critical Challenges in 2024

•, By Jim

Lara Trump with Maria Bartiromo  – fast clip of the interview, with major points listed below Lara Trump to Maria Bartiromo on the RNC: "What I can assure you is that if I am there, I will make sure that every single penny donated to the RNC goes to electing Donald Trump, and again, extending our lead in the House and taking back the Senate."

In the interview we get the full details of what Lara will do.

Maria Bartiromo: Inquires about Lara Trump's potential role as co-chair in the Republican National Committee (RNC) and her expectations for the upcoming elections.

Lara Trump:

Expresses honor at the possibility of being voted into the RNC co-chair position, emphasizing the urgency given the importance of the upcoming election.

Highlights the critical state of the country under current leadership and the need for Donald Trump's return to the White House.

Discusses the necessity of the RNC's support in winning presidential campaigns and outlines existing initiatives like the Election Integrity Division and ongoing lawsuits related to the 2020 election laws.

Stresses the importance of a strong ground game, legal ballot harvesting, and unprecedented Election Day operations to ensure a Republican victory.

Plans to focus on fundraising to match Democratic resources and ensure transparent use of RNC donations towards electing Donald Trump and securing Republican majorities in Congress.