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Gemini AI Makes Me Wonder What My Great Grandchildren Will Believe About History

•, by Daisy Luther

We all know that history is written by the victors. We all know that there are some bad guys who were written up as good guys. We know that some dark times get rewritten as not-so-bad times or erased altogether.

The history of Ireland was written by the priests but there was a whole lot of civilization and culture there before that, much of it stamped out due to the religious beliefs of the writers. The same is true for the United States – settlers who were able to write created their own version and documentation of the history of our continent that left out the stories of the original occupants.

And now we're watching as an entirely new revision is made. AI is allowing leaps and bounds in progress, if by progress you mean entirely erasing history and rewriting it to be "diverse."

Gemini AI is blatantly racist.
Gemini AI, the AI image creator of Google, is blatantly racist. But it's okay. It's not racist against minorities. It's racist against white people, and in today's world, that's not actually racism if you are to believe the mainstream media.

This isn't going to be a long article. It's going to mostly be photos from Twitter. You can draw your own conclusions.