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Washington State: Get $2000 to Snitch on Your Neighbor for Speech "Crimes"

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Washington state: A new bill is set to pass into law that would pay up to $2000 to people who call a government hotline to report hate crimes and "bias incidents". A "bias incident" is speech that is an "expression of animus" where criminal investigation and prosecution are deemed "impossible or inappropriate". All records will be kept in a state government database.

Summary by JW Williams

Washington state: Senate Bill 5427 is waiting for leftist Governor Jay Inslee to sign and is expected to become law in the evergreen state. The bill states that the attorney general's office "shall oversee a hate crimes and bias incidents hotline staffed during business hours and dedicated to assisting people who have been targeted or affected by hate crimes and bias incidents." The bill allows taxpayer-funded payments up to $2,000 per "person targeted" by a specific hate crime or bias incident.

The bill will stop free speech.  It will also have a profound effect on journalists and reporters.