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Derrick Broze Interview - Objective/Nonpartisan Independent Media Platforms Are Under Attack

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By Ryan Cristián

Joining me today is writer and lead investigator for The Last American Vagabond (TLAV), Derrick Broze, here to discuss the recent surge in the ongoing attacks against TLAV and how these largely financial attacks have had a trickle down effect on all platforms connected to TLAV, demonstrating why this ecosystem we have built and others like it are so important.

We also discuss why it such an important time in the media field, a true moment of change… should we decide to capitalize on what is happening before the same system is placed back around us simply with a new haircut. David Icke coined the term, the Mainstream Alternative Media (MAMs), and this describes the obvious surge (seemingly out of nowhere for many of them) of new "independent" media platforms, highly financed, and that oddly have all the same connections as the MSM. This is the recapturing of those who have newly broken free from the manipulation by what I described as "essentially MSM with a mustache." Don't fall for it.