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Pilot reveals the best place to sit on a plane to avoid TURBULENCE...


A pilot has revealed the best place to sit on a plane to avoid turbulence - before passionately reassuring passengers about flight safety.

Joey Miuccio, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, has taken to TikTok to dish on the prime seats to choose for any travelers hoping to avoid a bumpy ride.

He used a ballpoint pen for his analogy before shaking it gently up and down to mimic the effects of turbulence.

Joey drew attention to its movements and assertively stated: 'You definitely don't want to sit in the back.' 

In the clip, which has so far been viewed more than 1.6 million times, Joey attempted to answer the question: 'Where is the best place to sit on the plane to avoid turbulence?' 

He wasted little time in declaring: 'I'll tell you what, you definitely don't want to sit at the back. The back is the worst spot.'

The expert pilot then referenced the 'pen trick' before demonstrating it himself as he bounced it around between his thumb and index finger.

He explained of an airplane: 'Usually the center of gravity is a little bit forward so it's not as bad in the front and around the wings.

'You can see that the back of the plane is getting freaking rocked. The front's not so bad.'