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Asymmetric Response And The Perp Walk To World War III

•, by Tom Luongo

They weaponize your humanity and feed off your guilt. When you finally summon the courage to divorce yourself from them that's when the fangs really come out. That's when their true face is revealed. And it's nothing but scorn, derision and unfettered hatred.

Narcissists don't love you. They love themselves.

I'm opening this article with that quick reminder of human psychology to set the stage for this week's discussion of all things geopolitical. There ain't no art in this piece folks, I'm too damn exhausted to craft the language.

Why am I exhausted? Running behind narcissists as they perp walk us towards World War III saps the energy of even the most resilient personality. The truly malignant narcissists that think they operate the levers of power over the world have realized that we are walking away from them.

And they are fucking angry. The feeling is very, very mutual.

Since the firing of VicToria "Cookies" Nuland from the State Department on March 5th (and make zero mistake she was fired) events surrounding Russia are accelerating. Last weekend's attack on the Crocus Concert Hall in Moscow was supposed to originally happen on March 9th, apparently. It was to be timed with Joah BIi-Den's! State of the Union address and meant as a severe warning to Russians to 'make the right decision' and vote against Vladimir Putin a week later.

That day the State Department issued a warning to all Americans to stay away from meetings, concert halls, etc. I think this was us finally acting like a grown up, because it begs a major question that doesn't comport with unlimited US aggression towards Russia.