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Your iPhone Is Tracking You, Even If You Ask It To Stop:

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When you unbox that shiny new iPhone or sleek MacBook, you're probably eager to dive right in and start exploring. But before you get too carried away, there's something you should know: those pre-installed apps that come with your device might not be as innocent as they seem. A startling new study by researchers Amel Bourdoucen and Janne Lindqvist from Aalto University in Finland is pulling back the curtain on the privacy implications of Apple's default apps like Safari, Siri, iMessage, and Find My.

What they discovered is enough to make even the most dedicated Apple fan think twice.

Let's start with the basics. When you first set up your iPhone or MacBook, you're greeted by a friendly setup wizard that guides you through enabling various features and apps. Things like Siri, Apple's helpful virtual assistant, or Find My, a handy tool for locating lost devices. Seems harmless enough, right?

Not so fast. The researchers found that the privacy settings for these default apps are often misleading or downright confusing. Take Siri, for example. When prompted during setup, you can choose to enable Siri or "Set Up Later in Settings." You might reasonably assume that means Siri is off until you manually turn it on. But in reality, Siri is still collecting data from your apps even when disabled. It's like a nosy neighbor who keeps peeking through your blinds even after you've asked them to stop.

And it's not just Siri. The study revealed that many of the privacy settings for default apps are scattered across multiple menus, often in places you wouldn't think to look. Some settings aren't even mentioned in Apple's official documentation. It's like playing a frustrating game of hide-and-seek with your own personal data.