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Is the Swamp Drainable?


In this essay, Jeffrey highlights several positive developments he sees in society and opines that society's elites are increasingly being discredited…and starting to feel the heat. (Perhaps they're starting to have nightmares of a pitchfork-wielding mob converging on their gated neighborhoods?)

Towards the end of the column, Jeffrey discusses whether any "populist" uprising would actually result in positive changes in society and, if so, how long would it take for citizens to benefit from these fundamental changes.

I think Jeffrey might agree with me that all of the important organizations in the world are now completely captured. What Jeffrey's really asking is if a toxic swamp – which now engulfs most of the planet's land mass – could really be drained.

A Few Quick Points…
First, we should all be honest and acknowledge that a full and comprehensive "swamp-draining" has never happened in American history. 

The above stipulated, I still think many citizens would agree the swamp does need to be drained to save the country.

We also know that "draining the swamp" was probably the campaign slogan that allowed Donald Trump to be elected president in 2016…so this is definitely a popular position. (It is NOT a "radical" political viewpoint).

But even President Trump's most avid supporters would probably agree that said swamp was not drained between 2017-2020.

This truism acknowledged, it's probably also true that President Trump has several plausible excuses which might explain why this formidable task was not possible. (Basically, from Day One of his presidency, all the gators in the swamp were trying to eat him).

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