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Scott Adams explains in layman terms how the CIA 'captures' our lawmakers right under our no


In a shockingly short period of time, Speaker Johnson went from a MAGA hopeful to a Deep State stooge. This drastic change has many people asking: Was he always a snake in the grass, or did they manage to blackmail him into becoming their dutiful little puppet? Well, it's likely a very complex issue with many layers, but one thing seems clear: Speaker Johnson likely fell victim to a very coordinated CIA plot. This strategy is often used against our government officials to ensure they toe the line with the uni-party regime. The more we uncover and discuss, the more we realize just how deep these tactics go into manipulating our leaders. The good news is that this topic is gaining traction, with influential voices like conservative cartoonist legend Scott Adams chiming in. We appreciate how Scott Adams has brilliantly managed to break down what the CIA is doing into simple layman's terms. It's refreshing and enlightening to have such complex issues made accessible and understandable for everyone quickly. Scott took to X and, in just about five sentences, he summed up decades of CIA covert operations against our lawmakers and the American people.

Scott Adams:

If I correctly understand our system of government, when a president or leader in the Congress gets into office, someone in the CIA pulls them aside for "the talk" and completely changes their priorities.

The public is then told the leaders now have secret knowledge the public can never know.

But the leader has no way of knowing the "secret" information is true and in context.

That puts the secret-keepers in firm control of the government's big decisions. If the secret-keepers agree with a government policy, they stay out of it. If they disagree with a policy, they say the UFOs will attack — or some other unverifiable thing — and by the way, we have recordings of every phone call you ever made, and scare the leaders into compliance.

Right in front of us. None of this is secret.

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