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Civil rights groups want facial recognition technology banned in New York State

• Activist Post

A release from the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (S.T.O.P.), which is leading the public advocacy campaign, says the "Ban The Scan" coalition demands the passage of four bills to enact a total ban on facial recognition across New York State.

"Whether we're going to the grocery store, learning at school, or entering our homes, facial recognition does not keep New Yorkers safe," says S.T.O.P. Research & Advocacy Manager Corinne Worthington. "This racist technology also has no place in policing, because time and time again, we have seen how it disproportionately impacts communities of color, especially Black New Yorkers."

The campaign's website argues that "facial recognition is biased and broken" in that it "discriminates against BIPOC, Muslim, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ communities, putting New Yorkers at risk of wrongful arrest and even police violence." It singles out use of FRT by the NYPD, and names James Dolan's infamous Madison Square Gardens deployment to detect hostile lawyers as evidence of a creep into private enterprise. "If we Ban the Scan," says the site, "we will help protect millions of New Yorkers from the harms of biometric surveillance."