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Watch: The Insane Flip-Flops Over Vaccines, Masks And Ivermectin

•, by Tyler Durden

Then we find that former CNN host Chris Cuomo has been taking Ivermectin, after mocking people for taking 'dewoming medication,' leading one to wonder how many dead Americans were dissuaded from taking it during the pandemic.

And in the fullness of time, we've learned that vaccine maker Moderna employed a former FBI analyst to secretly police 'vaccine misinformation,' while the Biden White House directed virtually every social media platform to censor those questioning vaccinations. Hell, the NY Times suggested ZeroHedge was spreading misinformation for suggesting, in December of 2020, that vaccine cards would be used to track people and limit their freedom.

And now people like former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) are playing the whole thing off like he wasn't a complete iron-fisted authoritarian during the pandemic - suggesting that masks were optional.

Or Deborah Birx, who admitted she and Dr. Anthony Fauci pulled all sorts of pandemic-era lockdown protocols out of their assesand has now remade herself into some sort of vaccine freedom advocate.

And so, while there are a plethora of examples out there - and these barely scratch the surface, it's worth watching a montage of authoritarians and their propagandists in the corporate media peddling lockdown hysteria, only to flip-flop with nary a mea culpa (Chris Cuomo blames 'bad information' - not his fault!).