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The Pyramid of Power: Chapter 14 – The False Flag Deception

•, By Derrick Broze

In the 14th episode of this 17 part series, Derrick Broze focuses on the history of the use of false flag tactics. Derrick briefly looks at the 9/11 attacks, the 1995 OKC Bombing, and the 2018 Syria gas attacks.

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Featuring G. Edward Griffin

While previous chapters have focused on the individuals and institutions which make up the Pyramid of Power, this chapter will focus on one of the tools wielded by the Pyramid. We are going to dive into the debate surrounding so-called False Flag attacks.

A false flag operation is designed to create the appearance that an attack or episode of violence is caused by a person or nation while concealing the true perpetrator. The reference to flags stems from pirates flying a fake flag pretending to be an ally of their intended target so they could get within attacking distance. It has also been used in naval and land warfare with soldiers flying fake flags or wearing the military uniforms of their enemies while they frame them for the attacks.

Author G. Edward Griffin has been investigating the Pyramid of Power since the 1960s. He believes false flags are an essential part of how those at the top manipulate the masses.

G. Edward Griffin on the media's role and how easy false flags are able to shape perception and reality.

As Mr. Griffin notes, false flags are often a method for achieving a reaction in the public, usually fear. If one group wants to turn the public against their enemies they might stage an attack dressed up as their enemies to damage their reputation in the eyes of the public. As we have outlined in previous chapters, the corporate media can be used to shape a narrative or pump fear, and Big Tech can be used to censor contradictory opinions on social media. Together, Big Tech, the Ruling Class Media, and the string pullers behind governments can create reality out of a manufactured or staged event.