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Israel captures Rafah border crossing, cutting of all humanitarian aid to Gaza as hundreds...

•, by: Ethan Huff

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are chomping at the bit to launch their long-awaited ground invasion of Rafah, the border crossing of which was captured by Israel this week in anticipation of its final solution for the Palestinian people.

The last remaining route through which humanitarian aid is being delivered into Gaza, the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt is a strategic passage through which Israeli tanks and troops are now entering the Palestinian enclave.

IDF is reportedly bombing locations throughout Rafah, including residential homes. In the latest attack, at least 23 Palestinians were killed, including six women and five children.

Israel says the bombing resulted in the lives of 20 Hamas fighters coming to an end, and there is still more to come as the Jewish state focuses its sights on the "terrorist operations" allegedly taking place at the Rafah crossing.

Up until now, the Rafah crossing was the only Gaza passageway that Israel did not control. Now, Israel is in full control of Gaza with its sights and scopes pointed at the roughly 1.4 million Palestinians who live and are taking refuge in the southern Gaza city.

According to the United Nations (UN) World Food Program (WFP), the nearby Kerem Shalom crossing remains closed, which means the Rafah crossing is the only entry and exit point that remains in and out of the Gaza Strip.

Gaza experiencing "full-blown famine"

Things are not looking good for the remaining Palestinians who have nowhere else to go as they hunker down in Rafah. Many of them relocated there months ago from northerly parts of Gaza after Israel told them to flee there for safety, only to now discover that they are sitting ducks with no way to escape.

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