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Brighteon Broadcast News, May 16, 2024 – MASS MENTAL ILLNESS exploding across Western...

•, Health Ranger Report

- Building infrastructure for human freedom, featuring speakers on permaculture and financial freedom. (0:03)

- Recent bridge collisions with barges, possible causes and safety concerns. (2:15)

- Gender identity, mental illness, and compliance. (8:05)

- Free speech and censorship in Germany. (15:01)

- Government control and censorship in the US and UK. (21:36)

- Mental illness, fetishes, and paraphilias. (29:48)

- Government intervention in economy, electric vehicle industry, and bailouts. (48:06)

- Biden admin's support for Israel's Gaza war, resignation of Jewish American staffer. (53:55)

- Ukraine's military situation, corruption, and Russian gains. (1:02:22)

- Electromagnetic fields and their impact on human health. (1:28:34)