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Palestinian and Israeli Civilians Have a Mutual Interest in Peace

• by Lora Karch Dulgarian

The destruction caused by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the terrorist organization Hamas have each caused popularity to wane for both warring parties in their own respective populations.

In theory, war is politics by other means. In reality, warring actors always experience unintended consequences from their decisions and actions. Civilian casualties, whether intended or unintended, are the most dire consequence of war.

Hamas has not shown promise or care for the return of Israeli hostages and continues to wreak havoc on soldiers and civilians from underground and dense urban areas. The terrorist organization's actions, strategy, doctrine, and public campaigns have displayed a total disregard for human life at the expense of its political agenda.

As Israel acts as the counter-insurgent warring party with high profile American support, the responsibility falls on them to tread with caution and to adhere to reasonable tactical and operational warfighting. Their stated goals are twofold: eliminate Hamas and convince the local Gazans to embrace a political future that will not leave Israel strategically vulnerable. Any mistreatment of civilians or captured enemy combatants will deter goal number two and plausibly persuade those on the fence to join Hamas, thereby detering goal number one. On the international stage, negative narratives open the door to poor international relations, sanctions, divestments, and trade.

Seven staff members of the nonprofit charity food organization World Central Kitchen were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza recently, the majority of whom were from countries outside of Palestine including Australia and the United States. Back in October, 471 died and 342 were injurd in the infamous al-Ali Hospital bombing. Gaza's Ministry of Health blames Israel, while the Israeli military says the explosion derived from an Islamic Jihad rocket that misfired. Who will stand up for those who died and those who suffered injuries directly from the selfish decisions made by both actors in this war?