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As TRUMP Coin Surges Over 100% in a Month, Trump's Crypto Wallet Swells in Value

•, by Jamie Redman

Statistics reveal that this rise in value has boosted former U.S. President Donald Trump's cryptocurrency holdings, with his stash of TRUMP now valued at $5.32 million at current exchange rates.

TRUMP Token Rises 107% Over the Last 30 Days
This week, meme coins maga (TRUMP) and geo (BODEN) have continued to gain value, with TRUMP up more than 7% in the past 24 hours and BODEN increasing by over 11%. Although BODEN surged 11% on Thursday, it has only seen a 5% increase against the dollar this week. In contrast, TRUMP has risen more than 45% over the past seven days. As of 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday, a single TRUMP token is trading at $8.97 per unit.

Over the past 30 days, TRUMP has experienced a significant rise of 107.2%. It is known that former U.S. President Donald Trump owns 579,290 TRUMP coins, donated to him when the project launched. This stash alone is worth $5.32 million. Additionally, he holds a substantial amount of wrapped ether (WETH) and ether (ETH) from his non-fungible token sales. Currently, Trump's wallet contains 431.046 ETH and 374.728 WETH, according to Arkham Intelligence data.

Arkham noted on X that Trump's token stash of TRUMP is up 800 times in value. This means Trump's crypto assets, comprising TRUMP, WETH, and ETH, are worth $7.7 million. Additionally, he received an estimated $760,000 in various tokens, including $465,000 from MVP and $196,000 from 20 billion CONAN. Notably, Trump has not spent any of his donated coins since they first appeared in his wallet. He has, however, used some proceeds from his NFT sales, with some of those proceeds still in the wallet.