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IT WAS ALL A LIE: Former NIH Director Admits There Was No Evidence For 'Social Distancing'..

•, By Ben Kew

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one could not go five minutes without hearing the phrase "social distancing."

The theory, according to the country's leading scientific "experts," was that by keeping a distance of six feet from one another, one could successfully protect the vulnerable from the COVID virus and save millions of lives.

Now, it turns out it was all a lie. 

Francis Collins, the former director of the National Insitute of Health, admitted in a closed-door interview earlier this year that he did not see any scientific evidence that social distancing was a proven method of containing the virus.

The Federalist reported:

On March 22, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued what amounted to placebo guidance advising Americans to avoid mass gatherings and remain at least six feet apart from each other. The businesses the government deemed essential — the supermarkets, the pharmacies, the big-box retailers — marked the dividing lines, two yards between life and death, on the floors and in checkout lines.

But Collins and crew, including the smug and self-righteous Dr. Anthony Fauci, the immunologist who ran the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for a dangerously long time, made a very good living segregating a society at an unprecedented level. The damage done from the scientists' sign-off on a long and cruel isolation experiment will take a long time to fully measure.