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The Palestinian People Two Years After the Beginning of the State of Israel & Today

• By Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

Palestine was a vibrant, modern, developing society not a land without a people, except for roaming Bedouins living in the desert in tents and an unorganized, uneducated, backward group of primitive farmers and menial laborers as portrayed in the Western press and mass media.

Since the video was forty-eight minutes long, I waited six days, so folks would have ample time to view it, if they so desired, before sending out this second installment of "Censorship is Evil and Leads to Evermore Evil." This is a twenty-four minute documentary produced in 1950, two years after Israel became a State titled, "Sands of Sorrow,"

It visually documents the despicable conditions to which millions of modern Palestinian children, women and men were reduced by the State of Israel within two years after it declared itself sovereign over what before May 14, 1948 was universally known, in ancient time and in times contemporary to 194, as Palestine.

Again, Nescire autem quid antequam natus sis acciderit id est semper esse puerum. "Not to know what happened before you were born is to be a child forever." (Cicero)

As was noted at the opening of  "Censorship is Evil and Leads to Evermore Evil" knowing the facts in a situation is essential to acting with Christlike love in that situation. Without the facts a Christian asking the question, "What would Jesus do here" is unanswerable. Today most of the bombs and bullets, whether deliver from land or air, used in the genocide of the Palestinian people are purchased by American's tax payer dollars. The money of American taxpayers is as indispensable to the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza as the money of Krupp Industries, I.G. Farben and Siemens Industries was to the genocide of the Jews in Nazi Germany.