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Nimarata Again?

•, By eric

Then why is she all-of-a-sudden running for office again?

She doesn't say exactly that, of course. These seekers after office never say that. They say things like "country first" – which is exactly what Nimaratra says in a recent slew of social media posts such as the one pictured with this article. Of course, when Nimarata says "country first," she means Nimarata first.

And also Boeing first. Never America first.

The primary voters rejected her but she keeps pushing herself on them – on all of us. Her view of herself is so narcissistic she cannot see how narcissistic it is. And that's how you know she's a narcissist, of course. If she weren't one, she'd have the self-awareness and humility to accept that by enormous margins to the negative, she is not liked and not wanted by Republican voters – who clearly expressed their preference for America first, which Orange Man at least pretends to prefer as well.

Which brings us to the Orange Man. He is all but formally the Republican nominee. But there is still the possibility he might not be the nominee. It's still almost two months until the Republican convention in July and a lot could happen between then and now. Such as Orange Man being convicted of a "felony" – however spurious – and debarred from becoming the nominee. Or something similar. Is it beyond the pale of possibility? Whatever you think of the Orange Man, if the legal persecutions he's been undergoing are kayfabe – that is, some kind of show, like a pro wrestling match – it's the most realistic such show ever performed.

And if it's not a show then they really are out to get him. That is, to remove him – and by any means necessary. If the current legal persecutions fail to accomplish that task, is it inconceivable they'll resort to even more desperate action?