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Blinken Poking the Bear WWIII - Using Directed Energy Weapons

• - Helena Glass

Given that the CIA is running Ukraine and Zelenskyy is simply a figurehead, Blinken is authorizing the CIA to strike inside Russia putting America in the war front and center.  A last ditch solution to Netanyahu's criminal arrest dilemma.  War.   A last ditch effort to forego US elections.  War.   All while putting Taiwan on military alert. 

The Blinken logic is that if Ukraine uses – US weapons inside Russia – it could trigger WWIII.  Problem with this media illogic?  The Kyiv CIA has already been striking inside Russia in the Belgorod Region.  Every weapon left to the disposal of Ukraine is either US made, German made, or UK made. The Kabbalah is running out of time and solutions.  Kyiv has few troops left and morale is in hell.  But Netanyahu needs a diversion.

As Blinken testifies before the House committee, the topic opens with,  "I think the need for U.S. global leadership – and cooperation with allies and partners – has never been greater".  Congress is in denial of world events.  No one in Congress objects to this dystopian intifada.  On the World Stage – No one wants America's version of leadership.  Not even Europe.  Global Heads of State have watched as the Kabbalah has taken a nice filet mignon and turned it into blackened ash.   America is decaying – and their war is already lost.  Their only hold on The People was their anonymity.