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New Prosecutor Assigned to Case of Admitted Child Abuser David Hamblin,...

• Activist Post - Derrick Broze

By Derrick Broze

An admitted child abuser may see charges against him dropped on Thursday after a 2-year delay in his prosecution for multiple counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child.

David Lee Hamblin, a 68-year-old former therapist from Provo, Utah who has admitted to abusing his own daughters and stands accused of abusing other children, may potentially be released from house arrest and see charges against him dropped after two years of courtroom delays. However, on Wednesday afternoon — after dozens of emails and phone calls — the Utah Attorney General's Office finally assigned a prosecutor to his case for his next hearing on Thursday morning.

Advocates for the acknowledged and alleged victims continue to call on the public to contact the Utah Attorney General's Office to demand they prosecute David Hamblin. A protest is also being organized for Thursday morning at the courthouse in American Fork, Utah.

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