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Wait, They Blocked WHAT Testimony?!

•, Sam J.

The more we learn about Nancy Pelosi's handpicked January 6th Committee, the more corrupt they appear. First we learned they destroyed evidence, and now we're learning they 'rebuffed' important testimony.

Almost as if the committee was not so much concerned about finding out what really happened on January 6th, but was more concerned about making sure a specific and very damaging-to-the-Right narrative stayed put.

And Liz Cheney helped pave the way.


Is that a fancy way of saying ignored? Denied? HID? Deliberately kept from the American people so Cassidy Hutchinson could lie and make Trump look unhinged and dangerous?

Even if you're not a Trump supporter you have to see how evil and corrupt all of this has been.


His post continues:

Yet, she had no problem with making the false story public through Cassidy Hutchinson before such supporting material was supplied. The false story was allowed to go viral in the media.

Of course it was. Talk about a gift to the Left. And Cheney made sure they received it. If only she could lecture us more about the rule of law and doing what's right.