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'Cheap Fakes': White House Claims Videos of Joe Biden's Public Malfunctions Are Fabricat


During the first press conference in about three weeks, reporters asked Jean-Pierre if the White House was "worried" about Biden's curious behavior that "appears to be a pattern."

The questions came after a video on Sunday showed former President Barack Obama walking Biden off the stage after the president appeared to freeze at a fundraiser. Another video from last week appeared to show Biden wandering off into the distance in Europe before Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni turned him back to the group of world leaders watching a skydiving show.

Neither video was accurate, Jean-Pierre claimed, repeatedly avoiding questions about whether or not Biden is "fine."

"Yeah. We, and I think you all have called this the 'cheap fakes video,' and that's exactly what they are. They are cheap fakes video. … They are done in bad faith," Jean-Pierre told reporters.

"Let's not forget President Obama, President Biden, have a relationship. They are friends. They're like family to each other, and I think that's what you saw," Jean-Pierre said of one video.

"Several recent fakes actually attacked the president for thanking troops," Jean-Pierre referenced the video of Biden in Europe. "That is what they're attacking the president for, both in Normandy, where this happened, and again in Italy."