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Anarchists in America

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The word “libertarian” indicates support for individual liberty – the freedom of the individual to live without unnecessary restrictions from authority. Tea Party supporters vary in how libertarian or authoritarian they are. But anarchists, realizing that authority itself is unnecessary to a flourishing society, are consistently libertarian. Anarchists were actually the first people to use the word “libertarian” as a political label. Complete individual liberty requires that no person rules over another, and interpersonal relations, including the organizing of defense against authoritarians, should be undertaken on a basis of consent and mutual benefit. Anarchists in America actively oppose the expansion of authority and work toward its dissolution. We take action against police brutality, ruling class conventions and authoritarian political movements. We counter military recruitment and war propaganda. We engage in labor struggles, including those overlooked by establishment unions

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I would like to call your attention to Anarchism and the Rape of Freedom ...

In my academic discourses on International Law, Macroeconomic Monetarist Theories and Comparative Neoclassical Ideologies taught in graduate school, I described Absolute Anarchism as the Rape of Freedom.

Anarchists are actually libertarian extremists whose emotional brain is conditioned to fight any form of Order – moral or ecclesiastical, economic or political. So much has been written about economic and political anarchism and here anarchists are exposed to their bare bottom. But moral anarchism is less exposed and in some rural communities in Canada and in the hinterlands of America, it is still even practiced as a form of culture.

For instance, parents, daughters and sons live in their secluded communities as husbands and wives down to the next generations … some kind of a cultural rebellion against any religious or moral Order handed down by modern civilization. They believed that the purest expression of individual freedom is free love, which is sexual. A person should be free to have sex as he or she wishes, with anything or with anyone anytime anywhere. It is just pure animalism.

In the olden times, famous [well, notorious] advocates of this sexual perversion as a form of cultural ideology was Josiah Warren and Frenchman individualist anarchist named Emile Armand who believed that sexual freedom is a "direct expression of an individual’s self-ownership". Here in this website, angry voices are written and published with unbridled passion that only the individual owns himself, not Obama or the Government owning the soul of any person. We also often hear and witness this libertarian rage regarding property ownership as an absolute right of the owner to do whatever he/she wants regardless of whether or not such exercise of property right involves public interest. This concept of property is partial to the owner and indifferent to the commonweal, i.e., property tax is an abhorence and condemned as an intrusion to individual freedom.

Well, needless to say that because these kinds of anarchists were so enamored with their own individual freedom that without any form of Order and bereft of any moral compunction, they turned themselves into ideological rapists while pretending to be the guardians of the realm, free to rape the ideal concept of freedom.

This rebellious rape of freedom explains why I am, as a Libertarian of reason, always opposed to this angry Libertarian Revolution in extremis that in the struggle holds both the good and the bad in pari delicto.