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Foreclosure-Gate: Who Created The Plan to Steal Title To 77 Million Homes

Oh look! The "Tanks In The Streets" fear card, and it's literally in the second paragraph! Well now, we got this one nailed before it even begins. Let's start with the basics. There's this thing called "Due Process of Law." You might have heard of it. It's in the Bill of Rights. It's one of those "unalienable" things that government and industry likes to ignore, and the judiciary occasionally wakes up long enough to apply a baseball bat to the head of the fools who do so. In point of fact none of this mess was some "unavoidable" or "unforeseeable" tragedy. To the contrary - it has come about as a direct result of intentional acts of malfeasance and misfeasance, all of which brought great alleged "profits" that never really existed to lots of really big and powerful financial institutions and individuals. This money was stolen, pure and simple, and now we have people howling that they might have to give some of it back, or even better, might have to go to prison. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. As egregious as the paperwork failures were in the Massachusetts case, it would be far more damaging to the American economy if every foreclosure and every securitization were suddenly open to question. Irrelevant. And more to the point, if the rule of law was not followed, and you advocate further breaking of the law, as a 501(c) organization I will allege here and now that in my opinion your actions amount to incitement of further criminal behavior and the formation of a criminal conspiracy, which should lead to loss of tax preference and indictment. Homeowners who were genuinely damaged by paperwork failures deserve a fair remedy. The "fair remedy" is the voiding of the action that took place and criminal prosecution for perjury of the guilty parties who executed the bogus documents. Each and every person who suffered such a fraudulent proceeding was in fact "genuinely harmed" in that their due process rights were abrogated.