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Karl Denninger: Florida Libertarian Party Is A Disorganized Mess

Seriously folks, there's one shot at this guys and dolls, and it's in 2012. Why? Because nothing that President Obama and The Democrats, The Republicans, or The "Tea Party" wing of the Republican party has proposed or can and will do are going to address any of the problems that we face. And by 2012 all of them will be emergent, all of them will be on our doorstep, and one or both of the major political parties will be severely compromised and wounded. If you're going to take down an elephant or donkey, and you're a man, you first have to get it to stumble. Then you strike. So where's the evidence that The Libertarian Party of Florida (a) understands this, (b) has a leadership structure that can and will capitalize on this, and (c) has a mission statement and set of positions that not only can capitalize on the problems, but will actually address them? See, it's easy to talk. It's hard to do. But it's doubly hard to do when you have no coherent message, nobody in the leadership who's willing to stand and be forceful, and when the leadership positions are that "this isn't the state party leadership job", rather, it's the candidate's job. Nope. You attract candidates by having a clear and focused leadership, both in person and on principle.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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1.  I nominate Karl Denninger for Chair.  We'll wait until he go to the bathroom to have the vote. Congratulations Karl!  You'll be in charge.

2.  I had to laugh at his description.  Sounds like almost every one of the 50 (a few states actually don't have a web site) LP web sites I have seen.  And yes, few are worth a crap, and the really bad news, Florida's is on of the better ones.  If you are counting on the LP to save the day or any portion of it best of luck.  You might as well stay in the GOP and drink their Koolaid if you think someone is going to save you.  That is a long line (a cheese line to be specific) you get to wake up in.  Ummmm, government cheese.  Don't chew too hard or you could break a tooth.

I would have posted a detailed comment on your forum -- which is no great shakes by the way-- but after registering and validating by email I was unable to log in.  Go figure.  Maybe some professional closeup pictures of staff would help.

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