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Nullify Now! National Tour Big Success in Phoenix (video and photos)

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Two young men making big waves across America  - Bryce Shonka (l) and Michael Boldin (r) - pause for my camera during the event.
Exclusively for Freedom's Phoenix by Ed Vallejo
I had the extreme delight of working the Oathkeepers table yesterday evening along with Founder Steward Rhodes and Board Member Sheriff Richard Mack at the Phoenix Arizona stop of the Nullify Now! National Tour.  This was put on by the Tenth Amendment Center and The Foundation For a Free Society. I was also there to some small degree in support of the Freedom's Phoenix table, the Arizona Libertarian Party table, and the Campaign For Liberty table - but I was predominantly either at the OK table, shaking hands, or taking pictures/footage.

This is the small amount of video that I got to shoot. I have Founding Sponsor and Owner of FarmaSea here in Phoenix Scott Kennedy introducing Robert Scott Bell, and some of his speech. Next, Tenth Amendment Founder and Executive Director Michael Boldin and Deputy Director Bryce Shonka (pictured above) have a few things to say, and I finish off with Presidential hopeful and ex-governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson.

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