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Fearing the Reaper (Drone)

That’s right – thanks to 10 years of war and the military’s drive to get increasingly sophisticated equipment to hunt down former sheepherders and poppy farmers armed with old Soviet rifles and cell phones, law enforcement here will soon be able to regularly deploy unmanned aircraft into the sky to “hover and stare” on the domestic population, engaging enough sensors and cameras – and who knows what weapons – to finally obliterate whatever expectation of privacy Americans had left. Before you hand me a tin foil hat, just for a second think about it, the standard putdown of any conspiracy-minded individual – the Fox Mulder if you will – is that he is a card-carrying member of some “black helicopter” crowd. Well, black helicopters are being replaced by Draganflyer x6 and T-Hawk drones, and in this case, the Mulder doesn’t have to theorize – both are being employed by the government in both Texas and Colorado and purchased by urban police departments right now.