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5 Face Scanners Ready to Read Your Secrets Now

Read below for five Minority Report special effects that may soon be part of your everyday transactions. 2. TSA Devices That Read Your Mind The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has caught some heat for feeling up travelers and for below-the-belt x-ray body scans. Things are looking up at the TSA, with high-tech face scanners that read your facial expressions and match them to a digital database of microexpressions that determines if you are wary, frightened or ready to blow up a plane. Mother Jones has more on this multi-million dollar project. 4. Iris and Face Scanning Secures a City The city of Leon, Mexico, made headlines last year in its quest to become "the most secure city in the world." The plan is to have the one million residents use their face and eyes to prove their identity. Jeff Carter, CDO of what was Global Rainmakers and is now Hoyos Corporation, the company behind the scanning system, told Fast Company: In the future, whether it's entering your home, opening your car, entering your workspace, getting a pharmacy prescription refilled, or having your medical records pulled up, everything will come off that unique key that is your iris. So, not only are the eyes the windows to the soul, they're also the key to your garage-door opener.