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Engineered Collapse: Cutting Food Stamps To Pay Interest To Fed?

Don't get me wrong; I am in full agreement with the philosophy of less government across the board. The fact that taxpayer funded subsidies, earmarks, foreign aid, and most domestic spending warps the free market is undeniable. In turn, this collectivized system has become so entrenched that determining genuine price discovery of anything is nearly impossible. This lack of price discovery deters private investment into the economy, which leaves the state as the primary economic driver. When an economy is fundamentally bankrupt and no longer has a competitive productive capacity, government spending is the only thing propping up the economy. However doomed the system may be, government spending does indeed represent jobs. For example, even the flabby-assed NSA peon who is monitoring Internet activists all day still eats lunch, gets his lawn mowed, paints his house, raises a family, etc. In other words, his needless job creates other jobs and supports other economic activity in the matrix. So, if you cut his position, which I fully support doing, you bring economic hardship on him and the countless people his income contributes to.

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