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Questions: Mubarak’s out, Gold in Panama… and am I nuts?


I’m spending a long weekend in the beautiful city of Temuco, located in Araucania, Chile’s southern lakes and volcanoes region. The further south you go in this country, the more the climate and geography changes from desert and semi-arid to something that looks like New Zealand’s south island.

Temuco looks a bit like Washington state or British Columbia– mountains, forests, and lush greens. I’m researching some real estate deals here before hopping on a plane for Panama next week for our first-ever Sovereign Man offshore workshop.

I’ll tell you more about Temuco on Monday– first, this week’s questions:

To start us off, Jim asks, “Simon, I’m attending the workshop in Panama and I have gold (200 oz’s in total) I would like to store outside the US. I would really like to know if it is legal to carry gold into Panama, can you help?”


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