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Silver Train Is a Comin: Are You Onboard?


1. The Silver Train. Are you onboard? Just about six weeks ago, at the January highs for Silver, the average daily movement for Silver was about 50 cents a day. What is it now? It's 50 cents an hour!

2. I spoke yesterday about the new $30 to $40 Silver "Range Of Play." This morning you have approx. two dollars an ounce of visible weakness on the chart, in the range of play, to buy into. My suggestion: Do it now!

3. Here's a look at that visible weakness that I just bought into at 4am. That's a huge drop in price. A huge sale for you to buy. Early Morning Silver Chart Number One.

4. Here's a second chart that is speaking loudly about why this morning's weakness needs to be bought. Sometimes a chart almost sings, "buy!" Click here now to view: Key Silver Chart Number Two! Video