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If you think Obama dropped the ball in Libya and the Middle East, what would he do with social unres

• The Political Commentator
If you thought the Obama response to Libya was painfully slow and painfully impotent, how do you suppose he would deal with a social uprising taking place in China? The unrest in Libya was days old and increasingly violent before President Obama finally got around to making a public statement. In the eventual speech in which he neglected to name the despot dictator Gaddafi by name, there was "no passion in his voice, no anger in his eyes and his actual words are (were), unfortunately, the fodder for the jokes of late-night comedians (TPC). At the end of the day the excuse given by the administration for the President's reaction was that American's were still in Libya and to respond overtly would have put them in more danger. Once these Americans were out however, the extent of Obama's response was the imposition of sanctions on a man who the consensus agrees is certifiably insane. Who, along with his son, have said that they will fight to the death. Who have hired mercenaries