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…To The Shores Of Tripoli

The Empire is stirring. You may not notice it initially and you may not care yet: in time you will. The US is the only military in the world that can invade a prepared and defensive nation – not only expecting to win; but to dominate the event. Pax Americana is coming to an end. Outside of an attack on Hawaii like Japan used in 1941; the US picks its wars. The only functioning Empire in the known universe, America has the capacity to unilaterally act with overwhelming force. It normally takes years for a situation to reach a critical boiling point where the US will intervene. The GW I & II era took 6-9 months of obvious preparation time before occurring. Kosovo was an aerial war with no real ‘boots on the ground’ until the outcome was in the waning stages. Afghanistan started out as a special ops cowboy war; it has now slowly grown into the largest armed conflict on the planet currently. The Iraqi war is winding down with combat troop levels dropping to historic low levels since 2003. Normally, the U.S. is slow to act; however when the Empire does act, under most circumstances it is prepared to handle two individual wars at the same time. The Iraqi war is winding down currently, giving the US the capacity to act unilaterally again. The US has a military budget that is larger than the rest of the world combined. This gives it the capacity to act in its own best interest on demand. World War I & World War II are both prime examples of the US arriving into an ongoing conflict with overwhelming muscle. The above will provide you with the context of what is next to come. When an Empire decides to attack another nation, there are a set of dances that both sides normally undertake: it’s akin to a ritual courting, in reverse. The outcome of this public ritual dance is war...

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