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US Preparing for Possible Libya Invasion

Though the Libyan protest movement has been very outspoken in the main in its opposition to foreign military operations, the continued reports of fighting coupled with the occasional report of some unnamed rebel wishing the US was occupying the country has left open the question of exactly what the US military is going to do. Indeed, top officials continue to insist that they are mulling different options for how to use military force against Libya, and while some (like Defense Secretary Robert Gates) are warning that it might be hasty, more troops and warships continue to be moved into the area. Which seems, in and of itself, to make the possibility of a US invasion greater. After all, with a unit of US Marines deployed to Greece now just in case, the task of starting such an invasion becomes all the easier. But if the US does it, indications are they’ll likely be doing so mostly alone. German FM Guido Westerwelle insisted Germany views a military occupation of Libya as “very counterproductive” while Italian officials absolutely ruled out any military role, citing lingering resentment from their multi-decade occupation in the early 20th century.

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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 In my opinion, the easiest way to get the world to let it happen is if the oil wells are set alight, as they were during the 1st Iraq war in 1991. The whole world was aghast at the evironmental damage and waste of resources that the event produced, and troubled over how long it took to get under control.

If any wells appear to be actually blown up,...expect the Marines (in the interest of environmental and economic emergency) to invade forthwith.

And for that reason, I suspect somewhere there is a U.S. general holding a draft plan for some U.S. black ops team to infiltrate into Libya and detonate just enough wells to generate just enough world panic.