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Doug Casey: Waiting for WW III


Doug is currently at the annual conference of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, so the next brand-new issue of Conversations with Casey will have to wait. For your enjoyment, and to bridge the time until his next musings, we dug up an article from the July 2001 edition of the International Speculator – almost predicting 9/11, even mentioning Osama Bin Laden by name. In light of recent world events, it is a truly precognitive piece of writing.

What are the greatest problems facing us today? Domestically, I'd say the continual and accelerating loss of freedom, compounded by the prospect of what I suspect could be the biggest financial/economic crisis of modern times. What might that crisis be like? That's unpredictable, although the odds are it will be unlike any others that are still fresh in people's memories, simply because people tend to be most prepared for the things that have most recently scared them. The big problems usually come from an unexpected quarter, and/or at an unexpected time. Like the monetary crisis of 1998 that materialized in Thailand.