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March 15, 2011





Here at Foundation headquarters, many hours have been spent these past four weeks praying, thinking, discussing and laying out specific plans for the coming months.  The steps we have taken have never been about what would be easiest or best for our personal selves, but what we believe to be the Appropriate Next Steps on the Pathway to Freedom.

We look at the events taking place in America. We see lobbyists in Wisconsin and elsewhere.  We find ourselves asking “Who is lobbying for America’s Constitutions? Where is America’s Constitution Lobby?”

There is a cotton lobby, a public employee lobby, and thousands of other lobbies watching and influencing the behavior of our state and federal legislatures but no Constitution Lobby – no one is watching and holding our public officials accountable to our State and Federal Constitutions. Is it any wonder the servant has been taking over the House? 

The Declaration of Independence, initial State Constitutions and Constitution for the United States were given so men could be Free - Free to break away from the bondage of other men. Guided by Biblical Law and “Divine Providence,” this was the Founders’ attempt to fulfill what they perceived to be the Creator’s intentions for each soul.  

The spiritual values and core principles that define the essence of human liberty were like a wildfire burning in the hearts of America’s founders.  They held “these truths to be self evident.”  For those who gave their all to advance the cause of freedom, life had no purpose or meaning outside His truth.  The element American was common to the character of our People at the time of America’s conception. 

The Master of the Universe was making all things possible for those who relied on Him. The magnificent experiment in freedom that is America was conceived and born of His blessing, not man’s reason or wisdom.  We were created to be free.   

However, by His grace and boundless love we were also given the capacity to discern the truth of His Word and to choose to live in the Light or darkness. The dark forces of the universe have existed since they were cast out of His presence.  

For most of human history, the fallen have viciously pursued and defended their claim to all things temporal and transient in the physical realm. America offered much but no safe harbor from the forces of darkness and human frailties.  

The symptoms of America’s disease of public apathy, willful neglect and undue reliance on the electoral process and trust in elected officials have now become manifest as a field ravaged by a swarm of locusts.  

The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, "A republic, if you can keep it."


Has the cause of Freedom been lost in time? 

There are some who are now resigned with strong conviction that the remnant of our former fervor for freedom is not sufficient to turn back the ravages of apathy and willful neglect that have consumed the world’s most magnificent experiment in freedom.

While we who travel in the Light of eternal truth know the reward for our faithfulness and vigilance will come at the time of His divine prerogative, we also know with equal conviction we are not to be resigned to suffer loss of freedoms while we “wait it out.”  

We believe that as Americans it is our duty to stretch our individual freedom-oriented thoughts and actions beyond their normal limits, and channel our individual energies, to develop the thrust needed to intensify and strengthen the national passion for freedom.  

Freedom lost is to be found. The Constitution is not a dead letter. We will never abandon the cause. The People are not helpless. The situation is not hopeless. Quitters never win. Winners never quit. 

When situations are difficult, strong people rise to the occasion.  

The dormant Voice of Truth and Justice and Right and Good is among us and capable of development. A stimulus is being applied. It is not coming from the “top down,” but is blazing from the “bottom up,” through the People.  There is a huge layer of energy, wisdom and power that is riding just beneath the surface of the current paradigms, gaining strength and momentum.  

What will be the response to this stimulus? We are all in this together and it is the sum total of what we do, as a Free People in America, that will decide the fate of this country. 

As for the We The People organization, our mantra has been: “Our Founding Documents are the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind; they guarantee the unalienable Rights of the People; by their terms the People have instituted, enabled and restricted the power of government, whose sole purpose is to secure the Rights of the People; they and the People’s will to defend them are all that stand between the People and oppression; they are not a menu from which to pick and choose; they cannot defend themselves; they will not be defended unless the People defend them.”  

Our position is simple: Any act by elected officials that is repugnant to a Constitution is not to be tolerated by the People. We are a Nation ruled by Law, not Man or Whim. If we do not like what our Constitutions require, there are provisions in them for amending their principles, prohibitions, restrictions or mandates.  The process of changing our Constitutions by having our elected officials ignore their provisions, usurp the power of the People and abuse their power must be reversed.  

The point is, those wielding governmental power must be constantly watched and made to obey our founding documents, for each and every violation has a devastating impact on our States, the Nation, our People, our economy and our reputation.  

We opened this Article by asking, “Who is lobbying for America’s Constitutions? Where is America’s Constitution Lobby?”  

Tomorrow we will post our answer and ask for yours.

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Comment by Martin Birk
Entered on:

 So... it comes to this...  "lobbying" the congress critters to obey the Constitution.  How sad that an organization, once the flagship of the tax honesty movement, now joins with the  "sheeple"  to get in a rather long line and smooze with the guilty ones.  Government is force... and the solution to this madness will be force.  Mr. Jefferson was right about the tree of liberty.  Thanks for the hard work Bob, but this is NONSENSE.  -MB