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IPFS News Link • Japan - Earthquake Tsunami Radiation

Bruce Krasting: On the spin

Not one f#$%ing word of this is true. It will take years for those nukes to cool down. There is more risk in front of us than behind. The resources being brought to bear are inadequate. There is no quick fix, including borax. I truly hope the winds will always be favorable. But that is just a hope. If the citizens decide they want to be at least 200 miles away it would have major consequences to the capital and the country. There is no Japanese growth story until the nuke issue has been resolved. In a few hours NATO forces will take out the airports and anti-aircraft installations in Libya. I have no doubt that they will control the skies. But they will not strafe forces loyal to Ghadaffi. They will not put boots on the ground. The civil war in Libya just got notched up, not down. Where is the next NATO No Fly? Jordon? Syria? Bahrain? Algeria? How about Iran? A few big protests over there and all we have to do is send in a carrier or two and do the No Fly?? We shall see if this leads to stability in the ME. I see it is as an act of desperation. One that will bring significant negative consequences. The G7 lit a fire tonight. I think this was also an act of desperation. When markets don’t do what they want Central Bankers come to the rescue. They fix the markets. Just like that. They buy stability with printed money. And they tell you there is no cost to it. Simply not true. Those bankers that are spinning a tale of upside opportunity are an interesting part of the mix. You don’t normally see them coming out of the woods together like this. The noise from the “good news” boys seems a bit too orchestrated for me.