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Making Money: It’s a skill. You can learn it.


I’ll be in Paraguay again for the next week. This is a country that has quite a bit to offer… it’s incredibly cheap and they sell property for nothing. I’ve seen land in the Chaco region for as little as $25/acre.

Investment deals are also fairly interesting; companies here generally trade at book value and pay double-digit dividend yields in local currency, and with just a small deposit in a local bank, you can obtain residency and an eventual second passport.

Paraguay isn’t the place that you would go if you’re a professional looking for a well-paying job (try the Cayman Islands, Qatar, Bermuda, Singapore, Russia, etc.), but for a bright mind, there are several ways to create value and make money.

Fundamentally, long-term financial security is about the ability to create value, or at least investing in others who create value.

In simplest terms, I often define this as solving problems, perhaps performing critical tasks for employers (as opposed to simply shuffling papers around and collecting a paycheck), or creating a unique product that solves a problem for a large market of consumers.

This is something that absolutely everyone is capable of doing. We’re all good at something, and most people are good at a lot of things… hence, plenty of possibilities to create value.


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