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Timothy "Pavlov" Geithner and His Federal Jackbooted Games

The jackbooted games are completely out of control. The Federal Government has doubled in size since 2000. Have we gotten twice as much service from the government? No, we've gotten serviced instead. And 2000 was a bad time in that regard as the government was dramatically overblown and overbloated at that point in time. That was the last time I ran a mid-sized business and had to deal with that crap. I will never do it again, so long as that "mass" is amassed against me. And it will forever be, until the government shrinks. The Feral Government is like a vampire that has gotten to weigh 500lbs. It loves to suck the blood out of the nation and consume it. Government employees like the TSA folks think that virtually rape-searching people with X-rays is "cool" and "for our safety" - including sticking their hands down baby's diapers. What sort of sick bastard engages in that sort of act? The fact is that it was never about safety - it's entirely about shielding airlines from the risk of failing to secure their own aircraft and terminal facilities. We can't have certain "favored" businesses risk failure when they blow it; rather, we have to make sure the boot of the government presses ever further on the people's necks. The vampire needs to be put on a severe diet. Yeah, it will scream and holler, like every fat man does when told that he can't gorge at McDonalds' any more. But just like the 400lb man that needs two seatbelt extensions if the government doesn't cut this crap out the nation is going to have a heart attack and die. I say chain the 500lb vapire to its chair and cut its rations by 50%. When it screams, and it will, wear earmuffs and slam the door shut. In short, Geithner, here's my response to your threats: Pound sand. We're well-beyond the time where we should be neutering the government, not enabling it. Emasculating the Federal Government with a nice, sharp knife, feeding its former pair of testes to the closest shark would do more to help this nation's economy than anything else that could be undertaken.

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