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Ron Paul Responds To Perry Fed Smackdown


Congressman Ron Paul has shared his thoughts on comments Rick Perry made regarding the Federal Reserve yesterday, which were afforded hours of airtime by the establishment media and were even addressed by the White House.

Perry said he would consider it “treasonous” should Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke pursue another round of quantitative easing before the 2012 election.

“Those are pretty strong words,” Congressman Paul told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow.

“But the founders felt pretty strongly about counterfeiting.” Paul added. “I wouldn’t call it treasonous, but I would call what our Federal Reserve does morally equivalent to counterfeiting because they create money out of thin air and they give us our problems.”

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Comment by Anonymous
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Hey Oldie ... don’t abbreviate your comment that to me looks like Greek. I don’t speak Greek. If you want me to tell you what I know, this space is not big enough … or else you just go to school and get your doctorate. That was what I did, and after that I have asked no one no more what they knew that I didn’t know.

Comment by Olde Reb
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 Hey bakadude,  Tell us what the FRBNY did with the $8.4 trillion it handled from the auctions of Treasury securities for 2010.  Why was it not reported as imcome in the ANNUAL REPORT BY THE BOG to congress? Is concealment of monies due the U.S. a crime?  ref.   CRIMES OF THE FR

Comment by Anonymous
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 Any GOP "econopest" candidate who thinks the Fed is committing treason for "quantitative easing" of the fallen economy [Perry], or who thinks that the Fed is a notorious counterfeiter for printing the needed dollar bills [Paul] is exactly what Obama needs to win the next 2012 election hands down! Obama needs those cynical "econopests" that think like a donkey to validate his economic pump-priming program.

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