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Is the New World Order Unraveling?

• J Buchanan

With Greece on the precipice of default, and Portugal and Italy approaching the ledge, the European monetary union appears in peril.

Should it collapse, the European Union itself could be in danger, for economic nationalism is rising in Europe. Which raises a larger question.

Is the New World Order, the great 20th-century project of Western transnational elites, unraveling?

The NWO dates back as far as Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations, which a Republican Senate refused to enter. FDR, seeking to succeed where his mentor had failed, oversaw the creation of a United Nations, an International Monetary Fund and a World Bank.

In 1951 came the European Coal and Steel Community, love child of Jean Monnet, which evolved into the European Economic Community, the European Community and the European Union. A European Central Bank and a new currency, the euro, followed.

The hidden ultimate goal of economic union was political union – a United States of Europe as model and core of the 21st century world government.

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the EU expanded to the east. And the New World Order, formally proclaimed by George H.W. Bush in 1991, was out in the open and seemingly the wave of the future.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Actually, the course of the New World Order is following what is written in the Revelation in the Bible. The difficult thing is being able to tell exactly at what stage we are in.

The term "Babylon" in the Revelation, fits the world banking system to a tee. Babylon is going to take up total domination of the world before the end comes. The question is, just how much more evident will the domination be? Will it be much more formal, like a formal dictatorship? Or has it gotten about to the height of its control?

Now days, many churches talk about the millennium, the thousand-year reign of Christ on earth. But it has only been within the last 300 years that the idea of the millennium as not having started yet, has become popular. Formerly, the people understood that the millennium started around the time of the ascension of Jesus into Heaven, and that the "1000 years" was a figurative term meaning a long time, and that the reign of Christ on earth had to do with the position of power given to His church on earth, and that the first resurrection was the resurrection of a person from the death of unbelief to the life of faith.

With such an understanding as this, we can see that we might be near the end of the millennium rather than near its beginning. Although this is not the popular understanding today, multitudes of Bible scholars and lay people still believe it this way.

The Revelation speaks about Satan coming up from the abyss after the thousand years, and burning Babylon with fire. Have you notice that the world money system started going down the tubes big time right after 9/11? The Twin Towers and Building 7 might be what was symbolized in the Revelation by the explanation of Satan burning Babylon with fire.

Now that the money systems are failing big-time, the people all over the world are gathering to fight the money systems. Yet, most of the people are not, fighting with the idea of following the Bible. They are fighting with the idea of anarchism and selfishness. They are fighting as the armies of Satan might fight. Are they being rounded up and prepared to fight against the return of Jesus Christ?

If you don't want Jesus to return, there is only one way to "appease" God and keep Jesus from returning. And that is for a majority of the people around the world to become avid, active,  Bible believers, and start living their lives and following God in the ways explained in the Bible.

Comment by David Jackson
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 Why would anyone even ask such a question?

  Who in the world believes that any of the "financial woes" of any country on earth is something akin to an "act of God"? There isn't a so-called financial system of any type in any country that isn't "engineered" to perform on que. A perceptually "failed" governmental (financial) system is a cultural gararge sale waiting to happen. People, societies, perhaps most of all, will make just about any "deal with the Devil" to be comfortable [again]. After these many, many years of evolution, one would hope that we all would have benefitted, as least a little, from the very real enlargement of the human brain...Maybe not.


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