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BULLOCKS!  UNFATHOMABLE RUBBISH! This Voting Rights Decision Must Not Be Allowed To Stand

A United States District Court Judge has handed down an outrageous ruling (in gross error) holding that the plaintiff Voters have NO legal standing to bring a federal elections lawsuit by relying on a flawed judicial theory that because all Citizen-voters of a state are "injured equally", the legal question cannot be addressed by the Judiciary because of lack of jurisdiction, and instead, must be treated as a political question.

The judge has, in effect, just barred the ability of Citizens to sue a State for election related violations of the Constitution.

What say you, the Citizens of America?

Really want to hold government accountable?

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WTP has organized a 50-state initiative to establish a formal, locally directed and operated Constitution Lobby in very state to hold government accountable to the Rule of Law.

The mission is this: Institutionalize Vigilance, confront government wrongdoers and execute organized Civic Actions to peacefully Secure Redress and end violations of the Constitution.

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It's all up to YOU -- THE PEOPLE as America's first non-political Constitution Lobbies to hold government accountable to our Constitutions and the Rule of Law are being
established, soon to be in every state. 


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