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The Politicalization of America

All across America today one or more of existing legislative bodies from the national congress to city councils decide by majority vote on whether individuals can work, how much they may be paid, what type of benefits they can receive, how much of their income they may keep, whether they can be fired from work, whether a company can end its pension plan for its employees, who a company may hire, and who it may fire.

Majority votes by these bodies rule on what type of speech is acceptable, whether individuals may gamble, indulge in pornography, or the world’s oldest profession. Elected officials from various legislative bodies through a majority vote decide if individuals receive health care insurance, force those who do not have any to obtain some, and force others to pay for it. Majority vote decisions by these bodies include how much retirement savings one may accumulate, the type of education one receives, and whether a church, synagogue, or mosque may support a particular candidate.

Also, by majority vote of these bodies it is decided who may be served in restaurants and other businesses, what types of vehicles may be manufactured with certain types of options, whether an individual may start a business, and where a business may be located. By majority vote of law makers it is decided how much oil may be produced, what type of energy source may be developed, what type of transportation and communication devices may be used, and what drugs may be purchased by individuals. It is also decided by majority vote of these bodies how much of what the individual earns he may give to his heirs.

Basically, it takes a majority vote by some governmental body for the individual to survive today. If this type of system was in place when Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell lived, technology and today’s standard of living would have reverted to the Stone Age. America has become politicized to the point where individuals are stymied and frustrated because they cannot do what they want to do and cannot be left alone.

America was never meant to be a democracy. America was never the place where the majority was to rule. America is the place where both minorities and majorities have rights, specifically the right to exist, the right to be free to do as one chooses, and the right to seek out and try to establish happiness any way one can so long as force is not initiated upon another fellow human being. Yet, by using the majority rules syndrome, the minority loses through the force of government where some individuals get their way at the expense of others.

A truly free America is the place where the minority can have what they want without forcing others through a majority vote. In a free America each individual votes through his action and in-action, spending and non-spending on those things in life they do and do not desire instead of the current situation where the various legislative bodies do the voting. In this way each vote truly counts.

Freedom is a very smooth and congenial system and results in minimum conflict. Through a majority vote by a legislative body, there must be a winner and a loser. In contrast, there are only winners in a free society. If one does not get what he wants or achieve his desires it is because he did not or was not able to persuade others to provide for him. As the great philosopher Voltaire stated long ago, “The art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to the other.” Freedom is the answer to today’s individual frustration with politics and majority rule.

The People for the USA meeting tomorrow, August 10, at the Yuma County library at 6:30 PM features Ron Drake, candidate for the U.S House of Representatives and Larry Kenworthy, candidate for Yuma County Superior Court judge.

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